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The David E. Slattery Companies is a dynamic real estate development company which has been headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, for over 25 years.

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Slattery Properties

Mission Statement

The David E. Slattery Companies are committed to creating and compounding capital through inventive and innovative real estate development and investment strategies with a focus on adaptive reuse, renovation and repositioning of once prominent assets. The David E. Slattery Companies seeks to improve the lives of the members of the communities it serves by providing affordable housing for low, to moderate, income residents. The David E. Slattery Companies seeks to enhance the lives of the communities it serves by providing enjoyable vacation and business destinations.

Davide E. Slattery

Executive Summary

David Edmund Slattery, Sr. is the Chairman and CEO of The David E. Slattery Companies, a dynamic real estate development company which has been headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, for over 25 years. Mr. Slattery's dedication to his company can be seen in the past, present and future projects that he has envisioned and implemented.

After receiving his Bachelor of Science and Juris Doctor from Creighton University, Mr. Slattery founded Commercial Federal Capital Corporation (CFCC) a SIPC FINRA registered broker dealer firm, and Commercial Federal Realty Corporation (CFRC). CFCC and CFRC were both wholly owned subsidiaries of Commercial Federal Savings and Loan; a multi-billion dollar publicly traded national financial institution which is now owned by Bank of the West. As President of CFC and CFRC, Mr. Slattery developed and syndicated more than $100 million worth of real estate, including nearly 2,000 apartment units, hotels and raw land. During this time, Mr. Slattery coordinated the adaptive reuse of historic buildings for affordable housing for low income tenants and the elderly. In the process, he established over 1,000 private investor relationships. Real estate projects for CFRC include the Orpheum Tower Apartments – the former City National Bank Building, the Kensington Tower Apartments – a 160,000 sq. ft. conversion project, Kellom Heights – a low income residential project, Beacon Hill Apartments, Superior Place Apartments and Washington Heights Apartments. In 1989, ties with Commerical Federal were ended due to the inception of regulatory mandates on the Savings and Loan Industry. Mr. Slattery established his own company at that time and has been developing real estate for his own portfolio since 1989.

The David E. Slattery Companies today encompass five wholly owned subsidiaries with over 400 employees in five Midwestern states. Under his leadership, thirty five projects totaling nearly $300 million have been executed over the past quarter of the century. His company focuses on challenging projects which require innovative and imaginative solutions, both financially and architecturally. Mr. Slattery's Development Portfolio of Real Estate includes apartment buildings, hotels and restaurants. Eleven of his projects have been historic renovations involving adaptive reuse of previously vacant, abandoned buildings. He has received historic preservation awards from Landmarks of Omaha, the Nebraska State Historical Society and the City of Omaha's Mayor Partnership Awards twice. Two of Mr. Slattery's projects, the Westin Aquila Court Hotel and the Columbian School Apartments were chosen by the Omaha Symphony as Designer Showhouses. The Westin Aquila was featured in The USA Today, The New York Times, The LA Times, and was on the 1996 cover of the Great Hotels and Resorts Magazine. Mr. Slattery's combination of civic duty and hard work has benefited the Omaha community more than once. The Holy Name Housing Leo Vaughan Manor, the Stephen Center, Sacred Heart and Catholic Charities Campus of Hope have all benefited from his donation of time, talent and funding.  Mr. Slattery's unique talent and expertise in the area of adaptive reuse is evidenced by the vision and commitment he has to all of his projects, and to the fact that he perseveres diligently until each project is financially successful.

Mr. Slattery's current inventory of real estate includes Aspen Ridge Apartments; Park School Apartments; Roseland Apartments; Leavenworth Lofts; Robidoux Apartments in St. Joseph, Missouri; the Grand Prairie Hotel, Water Park and Convention Center in Hutchinson, Kansas; and The Shamrock Inn and The Inn at Okoboji in Okoboji, Iowa.

The Inn at Okoboji — Future Development

Mr. Slattery owns eighty-six acres of land in Lake Okoboji, Iowa, through Iowa Great Lakes Holding, LLC.  His eighty-six acres of land includes The Inn Resort, golf course and convention center, and recently acquired adjacent multi-family zoned land. Natural trade winds favored The Inn's location for the first development ever on the lake in 1896.

For nearly a decade, The David E. Slattery Companies have been planning a spectacular development for this parcel of land. Over 1,300 dedicated guests of the Inn have signed interest indicator cards requesting ownership in this new project. Okoboji, Iowa, is a booming resort town with one of only three blue water lakes in the world, according to National Geographic Magazine. Just thirty-five minutes away, a new casino was opened in 2007. This is a testament to the changing demographics of the area.

Lake Okoboji's unique location and traditions attract over ten million visitors annually from all over the world. There are over 9 million people within a tank of gas from The Inn. Over $200 million of real estate has been sold within the Okoboji area over the past 2 years, fueled by an influx of baby boomers seeking second home ownership. The strategic location and traditions at The Inn at Okoboji and its surrounding lands are a tremendous opportunity for real estate development.


David E. Slattery, Sr. is the Founder of The David E. Slattery Companies. He has served as Chairman of the Board and President of The Companies since 1989. Prior to establishing The David E. Slattery Companies, he founded Commercial Federal Realty and was named President. Commercial Federal Realty was a subsidiary of Commercial Federal Savings and Loan, which is now Bank of the West.

David Slattery is currently the sole shareholder and Chairman of The David E. Slattery Companies which encompasses "DESCO" Development and Equity Services Corporation, Roseland, Fieldcrest Group, HPA Associates and Iowa Great Lakes Holdings, LLC. The David E. Slattery Companies has developed, managed and syndicated nearly $300 million worth of real estate comprised of thirty-five separate projects. This includes over 2,000 apartments, 1,000 hotel rooms, and a dozen historic renovation projects. The David E. Slattery Companies employs nearly 400 people.

Several of The David E. Slattery Companies noteable projects include Omaha's historic Orpheum Tower Apartments, a project on the forefront of Omaha's urban renewal; the Westin Aquila Hotel in Omaha, the first Westin Hotel franchise; Omaha's Applewood On The Green Apartments; The Grand Prairie Hotel, Kansas Splashdown Indoor Waterpark and Convention Center in Hutchinson, Kansas; and The Inn at Okoboji Resort and Conference Center, a 113-year-old resort in Okoboji, Iowa.

David Slattery is a graduate of Creighton University and Creighton University School of Law. He married Lisa Danberg in 1981. Lisa graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1978 with a degree in Arts and Sciences, and from Creighton School of Law in 1981. She is Executive Vice President of The David E. Slattery Companies. David and Lisa have four children: David, Jr., an investment banker in New York City; Erin, a project manager at Broadridge Investor Communications Systems in New York City and graduate student at The New School; Colleen, a student at New York University; and Caroline, a student at Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas, TX, starting in the Fall of 2009.


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